My wine jelly history!

For those that know me well, know that not many days goes by with out the mention of wine jelly. What the heck is wine jelly, you say? Well, it’s jelly made from wine, duh! Around 1992 my Dad, an amateur wine maker of over 15 years at this point, decided to make wine jelly for Christmas presents out of his homemade wine. After enjoying his labors, our friends and family were more than eager to get their hands on more.

I should mention that at this point my Dad is a heavy duty mechanic and working for BC Ferries ( I learned how engines worked with pistons the size of our car). He started making more jelly and we started participating in small local craft sales at community centers and churches. I am 12 years old and stared helping at the craft fairs and in the kitchen. I think the best part at this time was the people that would talk to Dad and be shocked that he made this fabulous foodie product given his vocation. My dad was never one to work in the kitchen unless he was doing the dishes, then he’s your man.

Through the 90’s we continued to upgrade the craft fairs that we attended and slowly built our fan base. Almost without question, I would say that 100% of people that tried our product in the first 10 years said shockingly, “it tastes like wine”. Sadly, when dealing with the public you have to put on a straight face and say, “well, it’s made of wine”. Would you say of raspberry jam that you were shocked that it tasted like raspberries? The responses and questions we have had over the years are more than hilarious, enough for many dedicated posts. The evolution of our product and brand has been immense and I look forward to sharing that and many other stories.

Here is a small snapshot into the product today. 125

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